Darrell “Marty” Tuttle

Marty is the man behind the machine. So, best to introduce you to the man.

Marty is a real renaissance man of our era. His experience ranges from physical labor, to direct sales, to technical troubleshooting. Marty’s experience extends into the fields of counseling, project and personnel management, training, and public presentation. In addition, Marty has many years of experience working with a number of diverse clients and peers across multiple industries.

Marty has a natural talent for resolving issues both technical and interpersonal. Marty has always sought conditions that challenge his abilities to problem solve. He is a fixer. He naturally thinks outside the box. In fact, he doesn’t even know what the inside of the box looks like. Also, if there is a simpler, faster, and more productive way of doing something, He will figure it out.

Over the years, Marty has developed a natural talent for embracing customer facing issues in the most amenable fashion. Marty is, if nothing else, very charming and easy going. He is pleasant to speak with, and always listens first before responding. Marty is known for creating positive and productive environments from difficult situations.

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